Fisher DS-825 Speaker Review, Specs and Price

Fisher DS-825 Speaker Pair

The Fisher DS-825 is another typical vintage Fisher speaker, easily recognized by its walnut veneer cabinet, the black front and the grey/silver speakers. It´s size is equal to the DS-826, which is 14in wide, 13in deep and 29in high. Built since 1984 it is a three-way bass reflex speaker with a 12 inch woofer and two different tweeters. Therefor, it lacks a little bit in its ability to capture the midrange. However, for its value it is definitely a decent speaker, as most thrift stores and garage sales offer it for around 5 to 10$.
Fisher was a subsidiary of Sanyo, which produced the Sanyo SS-690, also a three-way bass-reflex speaker very similar to the DS-825, but slightly better equipped. The DS-825 was the studio version of the SS-690. While the max input power of the DS-825 is 100 Watts, the better equipped SS-690 reached 120 Watts. I was able to compare the DS-825 and DS-826 and can recommend the later one, as the midrange is captured significantly better, considering that they are both not high-end speakers.

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If you are desperately searching for speakers and see a pair for not more than 10$ you should probably get it. For a garage or a hobby room, these speakers are great. In case you are looking for a great audio experience, crisp, clear and with tight basses, then the DS-825 are not what you are looking for.

Model: Fisher DS-825
RMS Power Rating: 100 Max. Watts
Impedance: 8 Ohm Nominal

Fisher DS-825 Price: $5-10
(Depending on overall condition)

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  1. I have fisher ds-826s and ds-825s tweter output is low to nothing from tweters, I found working 3 inch tweets on other speakers. I have crisp clear sound now, no cheep sound any more. At power levels under 60 watts they stand up to my $2000 solar speakers. Hope I helped? Good luck.

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