Yamaha NS-500 and NS-500M Speaker Review, Specs and Price

Yamaha NS-500M speaker vintage
Yamaha NS-500M

Yamaha NS-500 and 500M in comparison
The Yamaha NS-500 speaker series consists of two different speaker models. The NS-500, a two-way speaker with a Be tweeter and the NS-500M, a three-way speaker with a titanium midrange speaker and the same Be tweeter. “Be” refers to the beryllium deposited in the manufacturing of the tweeters, which ought to make them stronger, lighter and more responsive. NS-500M speakers have a weight of around 51 lbs. and measure 14 ¾” x 26 5/8” x 12 ¾” .
Even though both speaker models are of high quality, the NS-500M is rated higher in reviews, not at last because it is has a midrange speaker.
Both models include a 12” woofer and Yamaha´s 2” dome be tweeter, the NS-500M includes the mentioned 4” semidome midrange speaker. Be aware that the midrange speaker is not the beryllium midrange, used in the bigger Yamaha NS-1000.
Both, the NS-500 and 500M include two level controls under the speaker grills. One control allows to adjust high frequency sounds, the other adjusts the midrange. When altering these controls, set the midrange control to the desired level before altering the high levelcontrol.
If you are looking for specific information about the NS-500M, you will find plenty of manuals on the internet or just click the link at the end of the article, which will open the correct link at audiokarma´s manual database.

Value of Yamaha NS-500 and 500M
In case you are looking for a pair of these speakers you should be aware that many of the 500´s seem to be in only mediocre shape. Scratched cabinet veneer or necessary refoaming seems to be a typical issue. The lower price for the NS-500 and the conclusively less audiophile target group might be a reason for this. A decent price for the NS-500 in moderate condition is usually around $200-250.
The NS-500M speaker is rarer and has a higher value, as the significant quality difference is a big plus for many vintage speaker fans. For a moderate NS-500M buyers should expect to pay $300 to $400, rarely less.

NS-500 Price: $200-250 
(Depending on overall condition)
NS-500M Price: $300-400
(Depending on overall condition) 

 Yamaha NS-500M Owner´s Manual PDF Manual from audiokarma´s database


  1. I wasn't sure if there was any information on the NS-500M speakers. I enjoyed reading this review because I purchased these speakers in the 80's and have them still. They are very good speakers and I will never sell them especially since you said the M model is rare to find. I thought they were fantastic from the day I bought them!

  2. ha….I have a pair of the 500M's as well. purchased back in 84'ish…. hauled them all around the country with me. I used them, kids used them. been down in my basement collecting dust for near a decade. Happy too to have read this. Was going to thrown them up for sale…but now, not so much.

  3. I have two Yamaha NS 6161 vintage Speakers bought in 1982 excellent condition.
    Please let me know if anyone interested. I can send pictures.

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