Speaker Repairs Part 2: Sealing and Protecting

sanded walnut veneer
Speaker veneer after sanding diwn scratches and dirt

As you might have read in part 1 of this speaker restoration guide, the old Ohm C2 speakers are by now sanded and mostly free of dirt.

Applying Oil Danish
For the purpose of protecting the sanded veneer, a variety of products can be used. We recommend to use an oil, as it is easy to apply and does maintain the vintage character of the veneer. Also, many minor surface blemishes are simply leveled away in the application of a fresh coat of any basic oil.

Poly-based finishes look great too, but if they ever become damaged in the future, it is much more difficult to remove and recoat them than danish oil. As the C2 has Walnut veneer, we chose a medium walnut danish oil finish to create a stronger red-brown walnut effect. If you prefer the walnut to be less dark, choose a light walnut oil. Apply the oil carefully with a cloth or sponge that does not use any particles or little hairs, such as a microfiber or other polishing cloth. We used Watco´s Oil Danish, you can find a selection in our Store, or by clicking the widget below:

Before and After

sanded walnut veneer polished unpolished
Veneer before and after appliance of Danish Oil

We applied 2 coats of the medium walnut finish on our sanded cabinets. Don´t forget to wipe off the cabinet with a cloth, after applying each coat. Also, note that it can last several days until the oil has soaked into the veneer and stops being “oily and smelly”.
The picture on the right illustrates the clear difference before and after the appliance of oil finish. As expected, the oil coat covered most of the minor blemished and scratches. We did not use polyurethane, as it covers the wood with a coat and reduces the feeling of the real walnut front and walnut veneer.
After applying the danish oil, our cabinets rested for a few days, during which we had enough time to refoam the C2´s woofers. Read more about it in Part 3.

Ohm C2 speaker cabinet sanded
Speaker before appliance of Danish Oil
Ohm C2 speaker restoration after oil finish
Ohm C2 Speakers after appliance of Danish Oil

 Refinishing Veneer Instructions Link to Ehow article about Veneer repair

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