Kenwood KR-V5560 Receiver Review, Specs and Price

Kenwood+KR-V5560+front+ReceiverThe Kenwood KR-V5560 receiver is, as many receivers of its age, not too popular anymore. As the time of buying individual elements for an audio system came to an end with the emergence of cheaper all-in-one systems, prices for “lower-end” receivers such as this one dropped drastically.  There is technically no demand and prices for used ones are very low.

The KR-V5560 is actually a decent receiver, considering that you can get one in great condition for about $30-40. It has 70 Watts RMS at stereo, as well as at surround operation (with an additional 20 watts for the rear channel). In comparison with similar receivers such as the Yamaha RX-395, the V5560 appears to be of higher quality. With several receivers of the 80ies and 90ies, broken buttons seemed to become a problem. This is usually a great deal, as they are usually easy to repair, but will lower the price of a receiver significantly. However, the buttons of the KR-V5560 seem to be very well manufactured, I havenĀ“t head any issues with them.

Kenwood+KR-V5560+display+ReceiverThe only disadvantage might be the comparatively small display, which has only one row for letters. Secondary information, such as the selected input or activated speakers (A or B), are very small and hardly readable. However, if you have fixed settings and just look at the display to check track number or radio channel, the information you are looking for are easily readable.

Overall, this is one of my favourites when it comes to value. As mentioned above, lower-end receivers such as this one, never became interesting for collectors. They are still decent receivers and a cheap option to add power to your sound system.

If you are interested in an older receiver or amplifier, be aware that it can be normal that the exposed connectors and metal contacts have oxidized over the years. We made good experiences with Hosa D5S6 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner , especially with equipment that has stood in storage rooms or garages for decades. Give it a try!

KR-V5560 Price: $30-70
(Depending on overall condition)

 Kenwood KR-V5560 User Manual Manual in English

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  1. i own one of these and use it for my pa system…. unusual, i know but it is loud and sounds good and powers 2 yamaha 12s

  2. don't know if this link is still active … but, i picked up this unit recently. Can someone tell me what the Line Straight option does, i.e., how does it work and what, if anything, it is doing to the signal. thanks.

  3. This was my first receiver that I bought myself back in 1994 at the age of 21. I still use it in my home office. This thing is working every bit as well as it did when it was new. I also have the matching DP-R5060 5-disc carousel CD changer, and although I don't use that much anymore, it is still fully functional too. Kenwood equipment from that time period was rock solid. It's a pity that the receiver's value is so low now, but that is understandable given its age. That said, based on its quality, it is an incredible value.

    Also, in response to Tomas' post, the Line Straight button bypasses the bass and treble controls, as well as turns off any 3-Stereo or Dolby surround. The idea is that you get an unmodified version of the input.

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