Onkyo A-7 Integrated Amplifier Review, Specs and Price

Onkyo A-7 amplifier

In this article we introduce one of Onkyo´s successful amplifiers, the Onkyo A-7 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (the big brother of the Onkyo A-5). It is one of Onkyo´s great amplifiers from the 1970ies and definitely worth keeping or buying. The Onkyo A-7 intergrated stereo amplifier is actually not just a simple amp, but consists of a pre-amplifier and an amplifier. If you are wondering what the difference of this is, let´s make it simple: An amp is solely a power source for speakers, which needs a separate preamp to switch sources and has no equalizer or controls. The A-7 does consist of both, amp and pre-amp, has 4 inputs, outputs and has an interface to manage all the settings. The A-7 is of astonishing weight, with its nearly 30 lbs. (13.5kg). If you are looking to buy the A-7 in used condition, be sure to test all its functions. If at all, damages should be minimal. Some acceptable flaws are typically broken lights or damages of potentiometers (i.e. to control the volume), if you know how to repair them.  

If you are interested in an older receiver or amplifier, be aware that it is normal that exposed connectors and metal contacts have oxidized over the years. We made good experiences with Hosa D5S6 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner , especially with equipment that has stood in storage rooms or garages for decades. Give it a try!

About Onkyo Corporation
Onkyo Corporation (meaning: sound harmony) is one of THE popular Japanese electronics manufacturers with many higher to high-end quality products. Onkyo´s receiver technology and quality has won many prices over the years, making the company to a brand of choice for many consumers. Onkyo was founded in 1946, known as Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K., and was known mostly for its record players and stereo systems. Over the decades, mostly during the 1980ies, it expanded its product variety and is nowadays one of the biggest
manufacturers in entertainment- and audio-electronics. Amplifiers and Receivers had a crucial contribution to the company´s success during the recent years. Onkyo emphasized on innovative technologies, such as Ethernet ports for its receivers or its WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology).

Onkyo A-7 Price: $300-400
(Depending on overall condition)

Original Specification Sheet:


  1. First let me say that I really appreciate the sites and the effort supporting vintage stereo equipment. Although I own more modern equipment I still enjoy collecting and trading the 70's vintage equipment. I collect vintage electronics and mainly focus on 70's silver face. I have an A7 in excellent condition. It is one of the better if not best sounding unit in my collection. The 65 watts appears to be under rated as it will drive some of the more difficult speakers I have without any signs of stress or clipping. Highly recommended.

  2. A-7 and T-9 ..a great Combo. I worked at a Canadian Distributer for Onkyo in the mid-late 1970s.
    As part of a pay compensation, I selected this Onkyo set. We also sold other mid to upper mid range HI FI , but the Onkyo was always my favourite, even compared to Scott.
    Over 40 YEARS and I am STILL running this gear DAILY!.. I am using a pair of original LEAK speakers I matched with the system. As for the Onkyo, the ONLY factory repair needed was a T-9 Tuner repair. I seem to recall a blown Capacitor, which resulted in a coating of “Fine shredded paper” though-out the Cabinet. This happened about 3 years into ownership (1980?) It was quickly repaired by Tri-Tel Associates , the Canadian Supplier and authorized repair depot. No problems since.
    The A-7 has been ROCK SOLID, even at prolonged high play levels…with very good headroom. The Power On/Off switch became mechanically intermittent around 2010 and was replaced with a used similar fitting part from my “parts junk box”. The only other “wear” is one speaker terminal. The plastic knurled speaker wire screw down can strip with over tightening. I replaced the one thumb screw with another. THATS IT! After 40 YEARS of continuous use…from my high school years …and 5 moves, and almost daily playing…I would be lost without this faithful, great sounding PreAmp/Amp and Excellent AM / FM tuner. Note that the FM tuner also has selectable FM emphasis.

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