Yamaha RX-395 Receiver Review, Specs and Price

Yamaha+RX-395+Receiver+rx+395Built in 1996 to 1998, the Yamaha RX-395 is actually not yet a real vintage receiver, but as the purpose of this blog is to deal with the challenges of not knowing the value of vintage electronics on Garage Sales, I will list the RX-395 after encountering it several times. I finally bought a defect version for around 20$ and had to repair some minor defects of the switches. The original model included a remote control so make sure you ask for it, if you are considering purchasing the RX-395. It was available in black, silver and bronze. Yamaha also sold an upgraded version of the RX-395, the RX-395 RDS. Both receivers share the same specifications and remote control. The RX-395 RDS has additionally functions for RDS broadcast, meaning that the display can show short texts, such as the radio station name, instead of solely showing the radio stationĀ“s frequency. The two receivers look identical sharing the same buttons, only the display of the RX-395 RDS has some small differences. 

Condition and Price 

According to ebay and other sources you should not pay much more than 40$ for this receiver in good condition. For the RDS version you can consider an additional 5$, but it is not significant. However, after seeing many used yamaha receivers of the RX series, the impression remains that many of the RX-395s and the lower RX receivers are in rather bad condition, frequently with stains, scratches, broken buttons or other small defects. You should definitely check the working condition and touch the feel of the buttons before buying one. 

If you are interested in an older receiver or amplifier, be aware that the exposed connectors and metal contacts have possibly oxidized over the years. We made good experiences with Hosa D5S6 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner, especially with equipment that has stood in storage rooms or garages for decades. Give it a try!

Yamaha RX-395 Key Features:
Channels:  2 Channel
Output Power:   90 Watt
Amplifier Output Details: 100 Watt – 8 Ohm – at 1 kHz – THD 0.9% – 1 channel(s) ( surround ), 45 Watt: – 8 Ohm – 20 – 20000 Hz – THD 0.04% – 2 channel(s) ( main ), 80 Watt – 8 Ohm – at 1 kHz – THD 0.9% – 2 channel(s) ( surround )

Sound Output Type: Stereo

Receiver Tuner Type: Digital
Receiver Tuner Bands: AM/FM
Response Bandwidth: 10 – 50000 Hz

RX-395 Price: $15-40
(Depending on overall condition)

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    "Surround Sound Effects: SILENT CINEMA DSP, Virtual CINEMA DSP
    Built-in Decoders: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD"
    That would be the V395

  2. hey, am a real noob at this, I got RX-395RDS as a gift, but no speakers, so now, here, can somebody recommend decent affordable speakers I can connect it with? thanks

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