Speaker Repairs Part 3: Refoaming

In this article, all necessary steps to refoam a speaker are described. You can find the right refoam kit here or in our store.  Each kit usually contains 2 to 4 foam surrounds and adhesive, sometimes applicator brushes, dustcaps, new gaskets and other utensils. To comfortably refoam your speaker, you should have a utility knife, a fine brush and from case to case a screwdriver. The linked video illustrates not only how to refoam a speaker, but also how to apply a new dustcap. This is in many cases not necessary and not part of this post.

Written Instructions:
1. You should start removing the speaker and then carefully disconnect the two wires attached to it. Mark which wire belongs to which terminal! Frequently they have red and black paint to indicate the right terminal, but better be safe.
2. After placing the speaker on a clean surface, start to remove the gasket carefully. Use a knife or screwdriver to cut along the gasket to remove it from the outer foam surround. If you are refoaming an AR speaker, be sure to not remove Masonite rings or cardboard. However, in most cases the gasket can easily be removed from the old foam.

3. Now start to take the old foam off. First, take away all big foam pieces, then start scraping off the small parts from the speaker cone and frame with the knife.
Scrape sidewards along frame and cone until you removed most of the old foam on the surface. The old glue might be very sticky and you do NOT need  to remove the glue completely from cone and frame. As long as you removed the old foam, the new glue will adhere with the old glue and be perfectly sufficient.

4. The speaker is now prepared for the new foam surrounds. Check first whether the new foams fit on the cone and frame. Sometimes they might be slightly bigger or smaller than the old ones as the original foam is not on the market anymore, but they should work fine.
Start by applying a line of glue along the inner ring of the foam surround, which will later be glued to the cone. Use a brush to create a fine film of glue. Now do the same on the speaker cone. Carefully place the foam on the cone and find its correct location. Now use your finger to put a little pressure on the glued area, by moving your finger along the foam. After you positioned the foam correctly and pressed it slightly to the cone, let it dry for several hours, ideally one day.

5. Now apply glue to the speaker frame and use the same technique to create a glue film with the brush. Press the foam surround firmly on the speaker frame. Let it dry.

6. At last, glue the gasket back on the new foam surround and apply some pressure on the gasket. (A large book does work great and evenly applies pressure on all sides of the gasket.)

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  1. Easier said than done. Theres more to it than merely replacing the surround. Voice coils have to be perfectly centered during and after attaching outer ring of foam otherwise you`ve just wasted time and money. Don`t be misled by these frivolous instructions.

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